PUSH Project Timeline Presentation - April 2008
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The PUSH Project is divided in to three project phases as described below.
To date we have completed the research phase and the common narrative phase and are beginning the pilot phase.

Research Phase

The aim of this stage is to identify organizations at the national level that currently possess or are able to prepare inventories of cultural and natural sites at the national level detailing the Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli narrative.

Evaluate and edit inventories of cultural and natural sites at the national level detailing the Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli narrative.

Hold 3 national level workshops involving up to 25 representatives of the above organizations that possess inventories to review the national inventory of potential sites of outstanding regional value and their narratives.

Hold a regional experts workshop to develop the common narrative of the sites listed in the three national inventories and identify the information gaps of the three national inventories. Experts from other World and European relevant organizations and advisory bodies would be invited to participate.

Common Narrative Phase

Publish in Arabic, Hebrew and English a single inventory of shared cultural and natural sites highlighting the commonality of the narratives in respect to those Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli sites.

Hold a regional public Symposium presenting the results of the research and distributing the publication to decision makers, experts and the public at large through the media.

Pilot Phase

Hold a regional experts workshop to identify six cultural or natural sites that reflect a common narrative. One site in each country will be identified by the common heritage linking the three sites and three sites will be identified, where each site holds two or more narratives reflecting the common heritage of the three peoples.

Undertake 6 Community Site Tours for each community that lives in proximity to a selected pilot site to tour the other linked heritage sites from the common narrative in the other countries.

Preparation of 6 specific pilot site manuals describing the shared historical text, a potential design / plan for the site and a cultural resource management plan.

Publication of notice boards and brochures at each of the 6 pilot sites describing the shared heritage of the site.

Undertake 3 national level training sessions for tour guides to teach tour guides how to explain the shared narrative of the sites.

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