On April 11 2008, The PUSH project's Regional Experts Workshop was held at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design's Department of Architecture building in central Jerusalem . session
The purpose of the workshop was to present the PUSH project's new publication
Our Shared Heritage: An Anthology of the Region's Shared Natural and Cultural Heritage to the regional experts that have been involved in PUSH since its inception. The unique publication, released in a single Arabic, Hebrew and English format, provides a comprehensive review of the large variety of shared natural and cultural heritage in Jordan, the Palestinian Territories and Israel. Furthermore, PUSH presented the six pilot sites selected to be the focus of PUSH activities during the coming year. Throughout the workshop, PUSH teams engaged in a discussion with the numerous Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian experts, gathered from a wide range of professional fields, concerning the PUSH project's upcoming publication of site brochures and site manuals.


Professor Turner presented the six pilot sites that PUSH will focus on in the second half of its project.
The six sites, selected collaboratively by the three teams, include:
"The Great Cities" of Sabastia, Pella and Beit She'an, which share a single common narrative;.
Gesher, Artas and the Jordan River at Bakoura site of which host multiple narratives of great importance to the peoples of the region.

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