PUSH Shared Heritage Tour Guide Trainings

As part of the PUSH Project's efforts to embed the concept of shared heritage among site beneficiaries and users at each of the PUSH Pilot Sites, the project held three national level tour guide training sessions. The aim of the tour guide training sessions is to strengthen the concept of shared heritage among the professional community responsible for telling the stories and history of the region to local and international visitors. In providing tour guides and other relevant professionals with greater understanding about the regional context of the area's rich heritage, PUSH is able to access a large audience and further the understanding of shared heritage.

A list of tour guides who participated in PUSH's training sessions will be published here shortly. We welcome our friends and supporters from throughout the region and around the world to contact these tour guides to experience a new perspective in tourism.

Tour Guide Training Session Dates
Al Quds University: August 14, 2008
Bezalel Academy: September 18, 2008
Jordan Society for Sustainable Development: October 11, 2008