PUSH/ Jordan Society for Sustainable Development
Tour Guide Training Session
October 11, 2008
Executive Summary

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Table of Contents
1. Agenda
2. Session Overview and Outcomes
3. Participants List


Tour Guide Training Session Agenda
October 11, 2008
8:00 Depart from Amman
10:00 Arrive at Friends of the Earth Middle East's Sheikh Hussein Eco-Park
10:00 Welcome and Refreshments
10:15 Introduction to PUSH and Selected Pilot Sites
11:15 Depart to Pella
11:30 Pella Site Visit and Visitor Interpretation Discussion
12:30 Return to FoEME's Sheikh Hussein Eco-Park
12:40 Discussion
13:40 Lunch
14:40 End of Training/ Depart to Amman


Executive Summary
Tour Guide Training Session Overview
The PUSH – Jordan Society for Sustainable Development (JSSD) Tour Guide Training Session was held at the Friends of the Earth Middle's Sheikh Hussein Eco Park in the vicinity of the two PUSH Pilot Sites of Bakoura and Pella with a site visit to the archeological park at Pella. Within the concept of PUSH, JSSD focused on raising awareness about shared heritage among the direct beneficiaries of the pilot sites including those who have a direct link to the site management, use and economic outcomes of the pilot sites.

To that aim JSSD participants from the Tour Guides Association of Jordan in addition to the Mayors and other representatives from the local municipalities of Bakoura and Pella (Tabkat Fahel) who are directly responsible for the day to day management of the sites. The staff of Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME), a Jordanian-Palestinian-Israeli environmental peacemaking organization which is active in both the Pella and Bakoura municipalities among other Jordanian municipalities, also participated to further strengthen ties and coordination between PUSH and FoEME.

The workshop began with an introduction lecture on the PUSH project and the selected pilot sites in Jordan and how they related to the other PUSH pilot sites in the region. This was followed by an open discussion. Subsequently, the PUSH team presented information on the PUSH site manuals, focusing on the aims of the manuals and the tools it proposes to help the site managers and stakeholders. The participants commented that the manual should be easy to handle and provide comprehensive information about the site and it should have easy to follow management recommendations and procedures.

After the discussion, a site visit was held at the archeological park of Pella with the assistance of Dr. Ismail Mulhim, the Head of the Archeological Department at North Ghor. Dr. Mulhim gave the participants a general presentation about history and narrative of Pella and the PUSH team added information about the shared heritage of the site and its linkages to other regional sites. Emphasis was placed on how to maximize the benefits for the pilot sites, the communities and relevant stake holders by introducing the local heritage in the broader/ regional context through linking the pilot sites with each other, particularly when discussing the narrative of each site.

Following the site visit the participants returned to FoEME's Sheikh Hussein Eco-Park to further discuss the concept of shared heritage and gain feedback from the participants on the workshop itself, the PUSH project and the next steps that can be developed through the PUSH initiative. The majority of the participants emphasized the importance of the PUSH project and its role in advancing development at the pilot sites. More concern was asserted and requested regarding the creation of economic incentives for the local community to guarantee positive community participation. Participants raised the need to strengthen ties between PUSH project and the management institutions of pilot sites by providing opinions and information to enhance sites management


Participants in Alphabetical Order
Tareq Al Ali, Friends of the Earth Middle East Field Research in Muaz Bin Jabal Municipality
Ahmad Al Amaera, Tour Guide
Baker Barakat, Friends of the Earth Middle East Field Researcher, Dier Allah
Omer Al Daja, Tour Guide
Ali Al Deke, Mayor, Bakoura Municipality
Salah Al Fdaoual, Tour Guide
Akaf Ghzawe, Pella Municipality Representative
Mohammed Al Goal, Tour Guide
Rawan Haddad, PUSH Team
Omar Ban Hani, Tour Guide
Mohammed Jafer, Bakoura Municipality Representative
Abed Al Kafe Ahmad, Tour Guide
Eyad Al Kayalie, Tour Guide
Salam El Labadi, PUSH Team
Yahea Mobarak, Friends of the Earth Middle East Sheik Hussein Eco-Park
Maher Al Momani, Tour Guide
Khaled Nasser, JSSD Director/ PUSH Project Manager
Mohammed Al Nawasra, Friends of the Earth Middle East Field Researcher, Sheikh Hussein
Jamil Obedi, Pella Municipality Representative
Mahmoud Al Raeahna, Mayor, Pella Municipality
Abdalla Al Rawashda'a, Tour Guide
Abed Rahman Sultan, Friends of the Earth Middle East Good Water Neighbors Project Coordinator
Mohammed Zedan, Tour Guide