PUSH/ Al Quds University
Tour Guide Training Session, Sabastia
August 14, 2008
Executive Summary
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PUSH/ Al Quds University

Tour Guide Training Session Agenda
August 14, 2008

08:00 Depart Jerusalem

09:00 Arrive at Khan Lubben

10:00 Arrive in Sabastia

10:15 Registration and Welcome

10:30 Introduction to PUSH and Shared Common Heritage
Presented by Dr. Yusuf Natsheh, PUSH Project Manager

11:40 Sabastia: A Model for Understanding Shared Heritage
Presented by Dr. Marwan Abu Khalaf, PUSH Team

12:10 Understanding Sites of Shared Heritage using GIS Modeling
Presented by Mohammad Jaradat, PUSH Team

12:45 Sabastia: On-going Conservation Projects
Presented by Osama Hamdan, PUSH Team

13:15 Sabastia Community Site Visit
Led by Osama Hamdan, PUSH Team

14:40 Lunch

15:30 Sabastia Archaeological Site Visit
Led by Osama Hamdan, PUSH Team

17:00 End of Workshop

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Executive Summary:
PUSH/ Al Quds University
Tour Guide Training Session Overview

The PUSH – Al Quds University Tour Guide Training Session set off from Jerusalem picking up groups of participants on the way to Sabastia where the main activities were held. The group's first stop was at Khan Lubben. At the site PUSH Team Members began by introducing the participants and themselves followed by a short introduction about PUSH and a discussion about the role of caravanserai (khans) in the economic, social and religious history of the region and their role as meeting points on the major routes of the region. Subsequently the group continued to Sabastia where they were welcomed by members of the Sabastia Municipality and joined by other participants.

With the full group now assembled, Dr. Yusuf Natsheh began with an introduction presentation about the PUSH project, its methodology and innovative approach to understanding the region's shared heritage. Dr. Natsheh spoke about the concept of shared heritage using many examples of well known sites with elements of shared heritage. Dr. Marwan Abu Khalef, PUSH Team Member and Archeologist, then presented the historical background of the Sabastia site as a model for sites with numerous historical layers and narratives. Mohammed al-Jaradat, PUSH Team Member and Archeologist, followed with a discussion on how maps reflect narrative and can thus be utilized to present issues of shared heritage to the public. Osama Hamdam, PUSH Team Member, Architect and the Head of Excavations at Sabastia then presented information on the on-going conservation activities in Sabastia as well as the political context of conservation activities in the area including issues of sovereignty and access. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions following each session.

Following these presentations, Osama Hamdam led the participants on a site visit of the excavations and restoration works in the community center of Sabastia including the mosque, the tomb of John the Baptist and the Sabastia Cultural Heritage Center. This was followed by a group lunch in a local restaurant. After the lunch participants were taken on a site visit to the archeological park including the main remains of the Roman era such as the forum, basilica, columned street etc. Throughout the site visit participants and PUSH team members made connections to the other Great Cities of the region such as Pella and Beit Shean.

Tour Guide Training: Participants in Alphabetical Order

Khaled Abu Alia, Tour Guide, Jerusalem
Jamal As'ad, Member of Artas Municipal Council
Hamdi Ayish, Head of Artas Municipal Council
Issa 'Abdullah 'Awad, Tour Guide, Jerusalem
Nedal Barahma, Tour Operator, Jericho
Fattima Buhluq, Teacher, Sabastia
'Abir Darwish, Computer Technology, Sabastia
Samir Yahia Mohammad Darwish, Teacher, Sabastia
Rami Samir el-Haj, Hotel Management, Sabastia
Adham Ghazal, Archaeologist, Sabastia
Qadri Ghazal, Deputy Mayor of Sabastia Municipality
Sameh Halleq, Financial Manager, Al Quds University
Ala' Hamad, Member of Sabastia Municipality
Osama Hamdan, Architect, PUSH Team, Al Quds University
Maha Hawari, Sabastia Community Center
Mohammad Jaradat, Archeologist, PUSH Team, Al Quds University
Ahmad Ahmad Kayed, Computer Technology, Sabastia
Marwan Abu Khalaf, Archeologist, PUSH Team, Al Quds University
Ruba Khashan, Tour Operator, Jericho
Elizabeth Koch, PUSH Project Coordinator
Maram Muhanad, English Teacher, Sabastia
Ghasan Muheibesh, History and Archaeology, Sabastia
Wafa' Muhibish, Teacher, Sabastia
Yusuf Natsheh, PUSH Project Manager, Al Quds University
Mohammad Sa'd, Member of Artas Municipal Council
Fadi Musa 'Issa Sanad, Folklore Research, Artas
Rezqallah Mahmud Shahin, Folklore Center, Artas
'Aysha Shihada, Sabastia
Muna Shihada, Sabastia
Ihab Taysir Sulaiman, Tour Guide, Jerusalem